Welcome to autodoc_pydantic’s documentation!

Seamlessly integrate pydantic models in your Sphinx documentation.

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You love pydantic 💖 and you want to document your models and configuration settings with sphinx? Perfect, let’s go. But wait, sphinx’ autodoc does not integrate too well with pydantic models 😕. Don’t worry - just pip install autodoc_pydantic 😉.


  • 💬 provides default values, alias and constraints for model fields

  • 🔗 adds hyperlinks between validators and corresponding fields

  • 📃 includes collapsable model json schema

  • 🏄 natively integrates with autodoc and autosummary extensions

  • 📎 defines explicit pydantic prefixes for models, settings, fields, validators and model config

  • 📋 shows summary section for model configuration, fields and validators

  • 👀 hides overloaded and redundant model class signature

  • 📚 sorts fields, validators and model config within models by type

  • 🍀 Supports pydantic >= 1.5.0 and sphinx >= 3.4.0

To see those features in action, jump over to the example section comparing the appearance of standard sphinx autodoc with autodoc_pydantic.




Thanks to great open source projects

and all contributors to autodoc_pydantic ❤!